maandag 2 januari 2012

Let's see- I gave up coffee on my birthday, dec. 27 so it's been- 5 days? yes. Giving up coffee is in one way easy- it's obvious what coffee is, so once it's out of the picture, it's out of the picture (unlike sugar which is hidden in all sorts of places). But you see it everywhere! Commercials, people on the street holding their paper cups of lattes, etc. Constantly reminded that it is around and what a delicious beverage it is and why am I giving it up again? Oh yeah, cause it's bad for me. I do feel better when I don't have it. I have to remember that. Today's factoid. Coffee creates an acidic environment in the stomach. The body has to create fat cells to fight the acid. Also cancer thrives in an acidic environment.
The sugar fight has begun too. I have agave sirup for my chicory coffee-replacement, although the goal is to get off that too. I have locked up my baking sugar, chocolate chips and table sugar. I'm going to buy some raw cacao today to make choco-balls with dates, nuts and cacao. I've discovered that banana bread doesn't need sugar to taste nice and carrot cake is not too bad either without it. Maybe apple cinnamon muffins might work too with the date substitute.
I'm back on my calorie counting regime too- still would like to lose 2 kilos of baby weight.
I went to a website last year to figure out what my calorie needs are per day, and at my age and rate of activity it was calculated to be 1900 per day. So to lose weight last year I had a daily goal of 1400 to lose one pound a week (500 calories per day deficit x 7 equals 3500 which is approx. the amount of calories in a pound of fat). Now my goal is 1500 which seemed to be working before the holidays. I use a calorie counting website to keep track of everything I eat- writing it down and counting helps keep me on target. Some tips I remember from last year:
-although I abhor carb-free diets, when on a restricted calorie diet, more protein and slightly less carbs does help. Protein lasts longer in the stomach (so not as hungry) and also leaves a satisfied feeling that combats the sweet tooth urge.
-lots of fruit and veggies. Baby carrots are my diet trick- I keep a bag of them on the counter at home and in my bag in the outside world. They are sweet and delicious and filling and a pound has like 50 calories. It's important to record the fruit in the diet counter as fruit does have calories and they add up. Still, a snack of an apple or pear will not break your diet the way a few cookies will!
-dried figs. Super sweet and rich and only 20 calories a fig
-plain (soy) yogurt. It is rich and satisfying and only 50 calories for 100 grams. I add fruit, dried fruit and nuts, and just a touch of honey or agave.
-exercise. If I go running or swim or do yoga, the extra calories burned give me a little leeway if I go over my number of calories.
- meals. I found that if I had either fruit for breakfast or a salad for lunch, the other 2 meals could be reasonably "normal".
-snacks have to be fruit or veggies or soy yogurt.
I love the calorie counting method of dieting. There are no restrictions, you can eat whatever you like, as long as you stay within your limit of calories. I get antsy and weirded out by diets that rely on no this or that. The calorie counting is just basic math. To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you eat. So cravings can be satisfied, to a small extent.
So although this blog is for me to keep battling the sugar and coffee, these diet things have been bouncing in my head for awhile now and wanted to get it out.

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