maandag 19 december 2011

New Year

so I've decided my New Year's resolutions will be- again, giving up coffee and I want to give up sugar as well. I think writing about it will help me keep focus on why I want to do it and will help me keep to it.
So why do I want to do it? Coffee is bad. Sugar is bad. Right? Coffee makes my teeth yellow and I can feel how it affects my body. Depending on what you read, it's a real horror story to your body- it makes you feel like you are in a constant state of stress which is why it has that awakening effect. Sugar is the same thing- simple sugars elevate the blood sugar level in the blood in a rush and then there is a crash after, all of which is bad for the body. And both coffee and sugar create acid in the stomach and acidity bad, akaline is good.
And I've been having headaches since my baby was born and both sugar and caffeine restrict the blood vessels- which causes headaches.
And I want to lose the last couple of kilos from the baby weight.
And I shouldn't really be having caffeine while I'm breastfeeding.
So I have lots of good reasons to stop. I've tried stopping with coffee before and have had some success (not complete success obviously). I've never tried stopping with sugar before other than in connection with weight loss.
My body seems really sensitive to sugar since I've given birth. I notice more keenly how addictive it is- once you have a little you immediately want more. Also how insiduous and seductive it is. In my head I don't eat that much sugar but on a day to day basis I think I really do. Cereal with soy milk in the morning, a cookie after lunch, a bit of ice cream after dinner, it really adds up. And tying in with the other problem, I like sugar in my coffee and in my coffee substitute! :-)
I think I'm going to give up the coffee on my birthday, Dec. 27 and sugar actually in the new year, so I can enjoy my coffee substitute for a few more days before going cold turkey.
I plan to:
-get rid of all granulated sugar in the house
-not have any sweet stuff in the house
-have lots of fruit, vegetables, dried fruits and nuts and plain yogurt in the house
-find raw agave and stevia for the yogurt and coffee substitute

I'm starting with the big stuff first, and after that I'll start reading labels and going after the processed food next. I want to start making some stuff myself anyway, like pasta sauce and veggie burgers so my baby can eat them (no salt, no sugar for her!)

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