vrijdag 4 december 2009

Week 9: The End (okay, THE BEGINNING)

This week has really been action packed and full of Bikram. We had lectures with him Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the evening and also Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. And class with him Tuesday. We had demo tryouts on t
Tuesday- I didn't get picked. When I saw the selection process I could see I really wouldn't get picked but I was glad to have been there. Monday night was another optional movie (why does he do that?) and I stayed. I was disappointed though- it was a war movie in black and white from the1950's. No romantic comedy bollywood movie with lots of dancing and costume changes. Wednesday, another optional movie, I stayed, but only for an hour. So I've had 2 nights of 3am bedtimes this week. This last week has been so exhausting- our breaks have been shorter and we've been up till 1am at least every night. We had a demo of the advanced class on Wednesday which was cool. Very strange to just sit and watch a class! It's amazing what people can do with their bodies and great to have a front row seat to watch it.
We've had posture clinics all week with Bikram, and for most of the postures we could go up and have them fixed by Bikram. This is where he really shines, and it's amazing to see what he can get people to do. I went up for standing separate stretching- still no forehead to the floor but much closer than before. Craig Villani was here this week, he used to be the director of the trainings. There are lots of stories about him from the past, I found him to be fun and informative. I have a feeling he is quite different as a guest than he was as the director. His famous awkward pose was for us a minute long- that's not too bad. And he has a lot of experience and knowledge about teaching and this yoga.
Last day of training- can you believe it? Tomorrow is an optional Saturday morning class and then graduation in the afternoon.
I'm too tired to have any philosophical moments about the whole thing.
Oh, and apparently I am teaching at HQ next week- I haven't gotten the day and time yet, but my first class will be in LA before I go visit my family. I'm both excited and terrified. I need to practice my dialogue!
My good friend Julie from LA is coming today for graduation, so this is my last post before training ends. I'll have a wrap up post though sometime next week!