zaterdag 28 november 2009

Week 8: The penultimate week.

I blogged every day this week for a change, here's how it went...
Monday was mellow enough. We had a teacher from LA in the morning who got everyone riled up- he was calling people out for drinking water in and between postures and leaving the room and just fidgeting in general. I think he was right in principle, but we are allowed to be a little lax here in TT and I think it was his tone that set people off. Posture clinic in the afternoon and we finally finished rabbit pose. I had people purposely doing things wrong in my clinic, and handled it okay but lost a lot of dialogue which was not good. We had Lisa from San Antonio and she is a lot of fun and gave some good general advice. Monday night was lecture with Bikram. We are back on the Mahabharat trail and saw 3 episodes before leaving at 2am. Ahh the Mahabharat- 70's style. I'm surprised they haven't made an updated version of it, it seems like it would be right up Bollywood's alley- plot for days! A cast of thousands! Costume changes! How can they resist?
Tuesday morning the staff brightened our mood with a fashion show! Yeah! The staff came out in some of the new line of Bikram yoga togs. I think we are not buying enough in the store. I had a very good class Tuesday night- I felt less stiff and was more open. Right after having a very stiff and painful class in the morning.
So far... teacher training isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Yes, the days are long and my body is inexplicably stiff after all this yoga- but the classes have been pretty normal and the nights not too late, for the most part. I guess I read too many teacher training blogs and thought mine would be all the worst things combined. Either that or it sounds bad when you read about it but when you are coming home at 5am from a night of movies, into a 8am claas, it's just something you deal with and then move on. It does seem though, that we have been a bit more lucky. It's dry and cool here and they haven't really been able to make the tent very hot or humid, like in Acalpulco. We haven't had the marathon string of late nights from the last training. Having said that though, this week did have quite a few late nights....
Tuesday night lecture with one of the senior teachers and then bikram came down for a couple of episodes of Mahabharat. We were invited to stay longer if we chose and I stayed for one more. I find it a little sad that almost no one wants to stay, even though it's late and we are all tired. It's teacher training ! With Bikram! We are supposed to be tired and sore! I don't know... the one good benefit of staying a little longer is that even though I was quite sleepy on Wednesday morning, I felt like it was my choice, not like I had been forced, and I was in a better mood than most people.
Wednesday: We finished our postures! Hooray. It is a good feeling and kind of amazing to think we have plowed thru 20 something postures and now are ready to go out and teach them. I'm excited and panicked at the same time- I need to do some more practicing for sure. I think I was pretty okay overall in the clinics- my main notes were to keep the energy up and to breathe and I feel confident I can do those things. Wednesday night Bikram taught a good class and then we had a lecture with a senior teacher/studio owner. It was good- he knows Bikram very well and has a more educated opinion of him and his world than I do and I appreciated getting a little insight.
Thursday- Thanksgiving! We had a morning class and then a dinner at 4pm, but otherwise were free and it was such a welcome break. The dinner was good- good food, some impromptu music from some of the musicians in the group and nice to see everyone dressed up in grown-up people clothes for a change. Thursday night after dinner my roommate and I both crawled into bed and watched holiday-night tv- just what we needed.
Friday was business as usual, with a really good posture clinic where we got to “start” a class, I was glad I got a chance to do it here before the real thing.
This week was also very emotional for me- I was tired in body and mind for a lot of it. I am having some financial difficulties at home that I have to resolve while I am here and that has been causing some additional stress. The holidays made me miss my family and my home. Week 8- we have been here two months, my god! One more week, but of course when I am in the moment it doesn't matter if I have one more day or 1000 more days- in this moment I am still here in Las Vegas, still going to class, still going to lectures. The good news is of course, weekend does roll around, next week we have a lot of good lectures and classes coming up and next Saturday I will be graduated!
I am “trying out” for the demonstration group. At graduation about 30 students (I think...) will demonstrate a fast version of the class. I assume they want students who look good and have full expression of the postures- which I TOTALLY do not have, but I can't help trying out. I want to do it, and I have a tradition from Amsterdam to uphold. I don't have high hopes but I'm going to wear my cutest outfit, smile a lot and try to get picked anyway. I'm hoping Bikram remembers who stayed for optional movies, Mahabharat and make-up classes!

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  1. Ok, I have been reading along faithfully every weekend, and I love hearing your stories! It is pretty encouraging to hear you say, "it's not THAT bad"... I think that's the first time I've heard that! Heehee. I'm glad you stayed for the movies and I'm glad you're trying out for demo!!! WEEK NINE, can you believe?!? Woohoo!!

    xoxo J