zaterdag 21 november 2009

Week 7: Light at the end of the tunnel

Well, they can throw “trust the process” at us, they can keep telling us to cherish every moment here, they can still crank the heat and pile on the movies for the next two weeks, but they cannot deny the truth- only two more postures to learn, only 22 more classes to go- we are definitely approaching the finish line to this teacher training. I am finally admitting to myself that what they say is true- the 9 weeks DOES go fast and I probably will miss it when I go. They tell us to enjoy every moment here because it's so special, but the problem is that so much of it is not very enjoyable. Classes or posture clinics in a single serving can be fine, but doubles of everything for weeks on end can be very tiring and even tedious. The posture clinics are in hotel rooms and we sit on the floor for 3 ½ hours which is uncomfortable. The lectures are in the lecture tent on hotel chairs which are also uncomfortable. We need the yoga just to survive the rest of the sitting time in training! The yoga too, though- 2 classes a day is starting to feel, to me, like a lot of work. My thighs are aching, my hamstrings are tight and I've (incredibly) regressed AGAIN in eagle- that hard fought for toe-around-the-calf is popping out again- frustrating!
This week started kind of gloomy for me- so close to the end and yet still so far to go! We had class and lecture with Bikram on Monday. I'm a girl who likes to plan and know what is going on from day to day and that is something that you really can't have here- one day to the next we don't know if we'll have one posture clinic or two, one lecture or two, lecture on top of two posture clinics, 4 hour bollywood movies on top of lectures- I hate not knowing! So I have to be honest and admit the week got 110% better when we realized on Tuesday (it wasn't announced) that Bikram went out of town after monday and won't be back until next week. So the rest of the week has been a reasonably regular schedule of lectures and posture clinics. Even more impressive- good lectures! We've had a lecturer who has explained about fascia (connective tissue running thru the whole body) and has had some pretty controversial ideas- that fitness is not, for most people, a health tool, 12-step programs for addiction are not recovery programs. He is also an advocate of The Laws of Attraction, which says that you are in control of your total reality. Which is great if you are talking about bringing good things into your life. It gets more difficult to accept when you follow the logic all the way- that you are also responsible for the bad things that happen in your life.
It's hard to believe we are almost done with learning the dialogue. THE DIALOGUE. We are at the last two postures. It will be so great to start practising sets of postures we know instead of having to memorize endlessly. I may have a chance to teach at the Asheville studio when I go there and now I'm looking into possibly teaching a class when I'm in LA. I don't want my first class to be in Amsterdam in front of students I know!
We have CPR this weekend and I may go to the make up class this week as it is on Sunday. Otherwise I think I am going to spend the rest of the weekend curled up in bed or downstairs at the sauna. My body is cranky and tired like a bear. Two more weeks! And Bikram is back in town so we have to be prepared for anything.

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  1. what do you mean with I don't want my first class to be in fron of your students I know? :P

    love your blog and can't wait to have class with you

    Roberto from Amsterdam